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Navigating the World of Event Marketing: Tips & Tricks

Navigating the World of Event Marketing:  Tips & Trick

When I attend an event of any kind there are several things I always look for; how guests physically move through the event, how guests interact with the event itself and what opportunities are there to improve some area of the event.  I also try to weigh these things against the basic question of, “what is the purpose of this event.”

Even after 20 years working with events of all types and sizes it’s always amazing to me that the execution of an event simply doesn’t match the purpose of the event.  Sporting events that don’t engage fans past the sport on the field, trade shows where guests can’t navigate to view the products or sales events that don’t allow time for customers to engage with the product.  How does this happen?  How can you avoid it?

The End is the Beginning.

Start at the end, what is the result you want for your customers.  If you want to sell a new product then your goal is for your guests to experience that product.  If you have a sports team, then your goal is making your fans feel like they are a part of your team.  That small shift in thinking changes everything about how you plan an event.

The Path is the Path Forward.

Mobility is the key to events.  How will your guests navigate to the event, inside the event and after the event.  Pinch points, distance from entrance to final location, planned or unplanned stops along the way.  These are all areas that must be considered and treated as opportunities rather than obstacles.  Every opportunity is a chance to add in something that will help you stand out.

Script Your Time.

Regardless of the type of event there will be “down time,” how will you use it?  Empty space is an opportunity to engage your customers.  This does not mean you have to push your guests from one thing to another, it only means that there is an opportunity for a guest touch point.  Feature an aspect of your product during a break, give guest an opportunity to get a drink or a bite to eat.  This script will allow you to seamlessly transition from one part of your event to the next.

It sounds simple, right?  Of course not, it takes time, experience, and a lot of attention to detail but if it’s done correctly your events will create the experience, scalability, and the profitability that you and your guests are looking for.  If you would like to discuss your organizations events contact us here or on any of our social media links below, we would love to chat.


Kellen Duryea

Experienced management professional with expertise in varying aspects of the service and related Hospitality industries. Extensive experience in staff development and organizational management, marketing and brand development and logistics and inventory management. A goal oriented self-starter with a drive for the development of both the brand and the organization through innovative ideas and close, diligent attention to detail. Specialties include market strategies for small budget organizations. Coordination of multiple vendors, distribution channels, organizations and events in a constantly changing work environment.