Knowing who you need to target, what’s most important to them, what your competitors have to offer and how effective your existing efforts are – there’s no substitute for strategic planning and consultation. A Duryea Strategic Marketing Company, Canary and Coal lets you see the details more clearly, so you’re able to act more strategically and decisively.


Knowing the audience that offers the greatest potential for you is critical to making the most of your efforts. Beginning with your customers, Canary and Coal is able to help you better understand the “why” behind your success with them, and use data to identify other audience groups or segments that are promising.


Go beyond basic demographic to get more of the details that enable you to understand audiences in a deeper, more nuanced way with the ability to learn hot buttons that drive customer response and purchase. Learn their preferred sources of information, the messages that are welcome and move them to action, along with those that are a turn off. Then see how this knowledge changes the results you’re able to generate.


Coverage, relevance and consistency are the three keys to building momentum for your social media, digital lead generation, email and traditional marketing and public relations. Canary and Coal, ensures you. have the right coverage in the right media channels. Our communication auditing also supports the ability to deliver relevant communication to audience segments, while minimizing the risk that inconsistent messaging or timing will steal impact from your marketing investment.


Best guess isn’t the best way to understand your competitors. Canary and Coal has the expertise to identify and analyze your competition to help you best position yourself and exploit their weaknesses. We can help you to identify opportunities to gain market share and reverse engineer their strategies to help defend your customer base from their efforts.