It’s phenomenal the number and types of media placements that are available to you. Ultimately they share a similar underlying purpose – to reach the right audience, at the right time, on the right platform. Canary and Coal media services help you deploy your media across platforms to deliver the greatest impact.

Because of your extensive background in both traditional and digital media, we’re able to actively manage your campaign from a single resource – and provide you with reporting to review the results.


Through our experience and relationships, we are able to provide traditional media buying on a local, regional and national basis, making sure you are reaching the right people, while also getting the best value for your money. This include: radio, TV and programmatic placements, coop advertising, mailing lists, outdoor and out of home, to name a few. Our negotiation skills regularly results in bonus placements to boost audience and extend budgets.


Customers expect a relevant engagement online that is also responsive and timely. Canary and Coal makes this possible through our targeted approach to sponsored posts, Google ads, online lead generation strategies, display ads, website advertising, retargeting ads and geofencing, search engine marketing, OTT and more.